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"It really is an honor to have him here and I know for some of my staff, and for bragging rights to my children and my grandchildren, a real treat for me as well." -- Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) gushes, er, introduces actor Brad Pitt on Capitol Hill Thursday.
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I just completed my play-by-play commentary on the "press conference" which is in two separate posts (it got long!!) on my private journal. Rather than x-post all over, I just left the posts public. Enjoy!
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Nancy Pelosi Rickrolls America

Even if you don't agree with her politics, you must admit Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has a sense of humor. To celebrate the launch of the U.S. Congress' YouTube channels for the House and Senate, Pelosi posted a video of her cats roaming around her Capitol office, playing with her gavel, and enjoying the view. That alone works well enough for us.

That she Rickrolls us halfway through the video is the piece de résistance. It's a nice nod toward the Web 2.0, social networking, tongue-in-cheek, spoofing, smirking, online crowd that funnels easily half their energy into viewing and contributing content to such sites as FailBlog, FailDogs, I Can Has Cheez Burger, and others.

My response: What sense of humour? You mean the one that appears to have been on indefinite pause for the past couple of years?

Visual aid:

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Three Terms for Barack Obama?

With President-elect Barack Obama set to take the oath of office to begin his first term, one New York Congressman wants to make it possible for him to one day serve a third. Representative Jose Serrano (D) has introduced a bill in the House to abolish the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution, which limits presidents to two consecutive terms or ten years in office.

Source: And he's totally serious, guys.

What Was Obama Reading? Contest

 A day after the world was presented with vacation photos of Barack Obama and his family in Hawaii, we have a burning question:

What is the name of the book Obama is holding in his right hand?

If you know you could win $100.  Hey, see that? Obama's already generating extra income in a tough economy. Who couldn't use a hundred extra clams at the holidays?

Enter and Contest Rules:

Obama elected prez = doom?

First time poster here. My thoughts on everything that has happened yesterday.

Well, my friends, the pseudo-Messiah and Ol' Jumpy Joe have been elected for the presidency and vice-presidency. The sheeple of our nation have finally given in to the sweet talker, Barack Obama.

Of course, I watched Obama's acceptance speech. It was teh pweetiest fing evar!!!111 Hope and change my arse. I bet he is lying through his teeth.

Whatever the case may be, I hope he won't screw us all (which, he possibly can and will). On the plus side of things, we get to  make fun of Obama for four years, like we did Bush.

See you in four years, ya bums!
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Obama's Inaugural Address Already Written

Sen. Barack Obama's campaign has been stung by charges of arrogance and hubris from time to time in this election season. First there was the attempt to stage Obama's Berlin speech at the Brandenburg Gate, symbol of the reunited Germany and scene of great presidential speeches past by the likes of John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. Germany politely reminded Obama that the gate is not a campaign stop and requested that he hold the address elsewhere. On that same foreign trip, Obama advisers had to be reminded by the campaign's traveling press that Sen. Obama was not yet president and the campaign could not demand to hold press briefings on background. Next came the flap over the Obama campaign's reinvention of the presidential seal, which Sen. Obama sat proudly behind during a meeting with Democratic governors earlier this year. Right around the time it became known that Sen. Obama, not yet officially nominated by the Democratic Party, had begun preparing for a presidential transition.

Apparently not content to wait another nine days until the voting has concluded, there now comes word from the New York Times that the campaign is vigorously planning the first months of a potential Obama administration. Locations for Sen. Obama's first presidential press conference are being discussed, resumes for staff positions are being examined, even a working draft of Sen. Obama's inaugural address has already been written.
Mr. Obama's transition team is led by a former White House chief of staff, John D. Podesta, who has been preparing for the task at the research organization he runs, the Center for American Progress, since long before it was clear who would win his party's nomination. Two longtime advisers to Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr., the vice-presidential nominee - Edward Kaufman and Mark H. Gitenstein - are serving as his representatives to the team, although Mr. Biden is said to be so superstitious that he refuses to discuss the transition.

Mr. Podesta has been mapping out the transition so systematically that he has already written a draft Inaugural Address for Mr. Obama, which he published this summer in a book called "The Power of Progress."

Republican Sen. John McCain is also reported to have behind-the-scenes transition planning underway. However, McCain has instructed his staff to limit its efforts so as not to appear presumptuous. That is not a concern for the Obama campaign, which has been heavily planning to take the reins of government since before it was even clear it had the reins of the Democratic Party. For a candidate who claims to want to put power back in the hands of ordinary people, Sen. Obama does not seem constrained to wait for their actual votes to begin plotting his own exercise of power.

- By Mark Impomeni

Okay, who here is surprised in any way?

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Rep. Lewis: McCain Sowing Seeds of Hatred

(CBS/AP) - Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat and veteran of the civil rights movement, says the negative tone of the Republican presidential campaign reminds him of the hateful atmosphere that segregationist Gov. George Wallace fostered in Alabama in the 1960s.

Republican candidate John McCain on Saturday called Lewis' remarks "shocking and beyond the pale."

In a statement issued Saturday, Lewis said McCain and running mate Sarah Palin were "sowing the seeds of hatred and division, and there is no need for this hostility in our political discourse." He noted that Wallace also ran for president.

"George Wallace never threw a bomb. He never fired a gun, but he created the climate and the conditions that encouraged vicious attacks against innocent Americans who were simply trying to exercise their constitutional rights," said Lewis, who is black. "Because of this atmosphere of hate, four little girls were killed on Sunday morning when a church was bombed in Birmingham, Alabama." » whole article

This really isn't incredibly shocking, considering the guy's a black Democrat, but holy shit y'all McCain is going to start bombing churches and overturning the 14th amendment! Take cover!
I think it's pretty ridic to hear a Democrat accusing McCain of promoting animosity. Can anybody remind me where McCain told his followers to yell in others' faces?

...Oh right.

Might I also remind the obvious liberals who are watching the community that this is, in fact, the wrong community for you? Jus'sayin.
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Obama Rejects Own Mortgage Idea

By Mark Impomeni - During last night's second presidential debate, Sen. John McCain made some news by proposing a federal bailout of home mortgages in an effort to help "stabilize home values." The plan, which McCain admitted would be "expensive" would allow the U.S. Treasury to buy distressed mortgages directly from the holders and renegotiate a new fixed-rate loan at the home's current market-adjusted value. The idea is to help struggling homeowners stay in their houses while at the same time boosting confidence in the real estate markets, which McCain said was at the root of the economic crisis.

Sen. Barack Obama did not initially react to McCain's bold stroke, but today, his campaign rejected the idea out of hand. Obama economic adviser Jason Furman said that the plan was simply too expensive. "John McCain's plan to overpay for bad mortgages by handing taxpayer dollars over to big financial institutions is erratic policy-making at its worst, and its not the change we need to strengthen our economy, create new jobs and keep Americans in their homes. The biggest beneficiaries of this plan will be the same financial institutions that got us into this mess, some of whom even committed fraud." That's a pretty strong condemnation of the McCain plan. The trouble for Obama, however, is that he was advocating much the same idea just two weeks ago.

Read the whole article.

dude what
Does Barry keep forgetting people get this stuff on camera?
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